Alluvial Sluice Box

Description for alluvial sluice box

Sluice box is a traditional equipment for gold mining, even now, it has been widely used in gold mining industry.

Application of alluvial sluice box

Sluice box is normally used in gold washing plant for recovery the taillings, and also it's been used to recovery the placer gold directly together with trommel screen.


Advantage of alluvial sluice box


The sluice box is widely been used in gold mining because this equipment get many advantages:


1. Low price: compare to other machines, the price of sluice box is very very low.


2. High efficiency: With two types of carpet, no matter the gold granule is in big size or small size, it's can be caught by the sluice box.


3.Easy to install and operate: With a light weight, and small size, this equipment could be installed by hand, and the operation is very easy, after a certain time of feeding material, wash the concentrate inside the carpet, and then you can put the carpet back and continue the work.


4. Easy for maintenance: The only part need to service or change is the carpet, and the carpet is in a high quality, so the service and maintenance is easy.


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