3pcs Disc Dry Magnetic Separator

3pcs Disc Dry Magnetic Separator Description:

high intensity Magnetic Separators are the most common and widely used type of magnetic separator in the world. The (DISC TYPE) high intensity magnetic separator is a highly selective machine especially designed for the continuous separation of various minerals withintermediate susceptibilities.Concentrating of dry, granular minerals such as ilmenite, garnet,monazite, walframite, columbite, tantalite, etc.Separation and removal of minerals of low magnetic susceptibility from cassiterite, zircon, shellite, rutile, etc.Efficient and clean separation of cassiterite (Tin) from mixture of other minerals (i.e. ilmenite ), where the specific gravity differences are not sufficiently large for effective gravitational wet process to be effective. Separation of Garnet and Monazite from Zircon .The removal of feebly magnetic particles from swart. Purification of abrasives. Purification of quartz for the glass making industry.Extraction of iron oxides from chemicals and various food products.
3pcs Disc Dry Magnetic Separator Advantage:
1. this machine could separate four different usefull mineral in one time.
2. this machine could get the final concentrate of three to four mineral.
3. Ta & Nb grade could reach 60% by using this machine.
4. easy to install, adjust, operate.
5. magnetic intensity adjustable, could be used for other mineral concentration.

3pcs Disc Dry Magnetic Separator structure:
1. magnetic separator feeding bin 
2. magnetic separator  feeding cylinder
3. Strong magnetic product hopper
4. screen chute
5. vibrating chute
6.  Excitation control cabinet
7. magnetic machine disk



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