Spiral Separator

Spiral separator is one og the  gravity concentrators, which separate minerals of different specific gravity according to their relative movement in response to gravity, centrifugal force and other forces in the fluid medium. It has extremely good performance and effects in processing placer of beach, riverside, seashore and stream. Jiangxi Shicheng mine machinery factory spirals are made of polyurethane lined fiber glass with wearable corundum inner surface. Generally there are 5 turns in one start, single, twin, triple and quad starts available per column to suit capacity requirments.

Rutile, ilmenite and zircon concentration.
Iron ore, chromite and manganese beneficiation.
Tin, tantalum and ore concentration.
Gold, native copper and base metal recovery.
Silica sands processing.
Titano-magnetite concentration.

Reasonable structure and small occupation area.
High recovery, high efficiency, and precise separation.
Light in weight, rush and corrosion resistant.
Simple installation and Minimal maintenance requirements.
Low operating cost and long operating life.
Reliable running with minimal operator attention.
Strong adaptability to fluctuation of feeding amount, density, size and grade.




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