Clay Mud Desliming Machine

clay mud desliming machine is a simple mud cone grading machine, its external behavior of an inverted cone, in the liquid center is equipped to the ore bins at the bottom of the cylinder a certain depth below the liquid level. Pulp into the center along the tangential direction to the cylinder   is through the buffer after the bottom of the outflow. Out  flow to the periphery of the pulp radial flow to the overflow weir. In this process, the process of settlement increased faster than the speed of the coarse particles will be submerged in the tank, and discharged through the bottom of the Spigot approved. With fine-grained surface of the pulp into the overflow tank, as the overflow discharge. To the ore particle size generally less than 2mm, grading granularity below 74um.

clay mud desliming machine characterized by sub-structure is simple and easy to operate without power. Now sub-soil is mainly used in hydraulic bucket before the ore grading machine to de-mud, in order to improve classification efficiency, but also can be used in grinding equipment before the ore concentration, dehydration, improve the mill to the ore concentration, can also be used in a variety of mineral Mud control to the pre-sorting equipment, ore concentration. As the sub-buckets of mud cones larger, both in the production process also reserve mineralization.

Model YX-500 YX-1000 YX-1500 YX-2000 YX-2500 YX-3000
Settlement Area   0.3 m2 0.78 m2 2 m2 3 m2 4.9 m2 7 m2
Volume  0.1 m2 0.27 m3 0.83 m3 2.27 m3 4 m3 6.65 m3
Diameter of discharge pipe  15mm 30 mm 40 mm 50 mm 60 mm 70 mm
To the ore size  <0.2 mm <0.2 mm <0.2 mm <0.2 mm <0.2 mm <0.2 mm
concentration of discharge(%) 40~60 40~60 40~60 40~60 40~60 40~60
Capacity(t/m2/h) 4.5~52 4.5~52 4.5~52 4.5~52 4.5~52 4.5~52
Desliming Efficiency(%) 33~45 33~45 33~45 33~45 33~45 33~45
Weight  0.1t 0.5t 0.98t 1.483t 33~1.85t 2.1t
Overall dimensions 720/1100 12641529 18042115 24042715 29063328 34063925


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