Smelter Furnace

gold smelting furnace type
1. High frequency power
2. medium frequency power
Application of gold smelting furnace
1. Used for melting ,refining,purfication, reverse mold by casting crucible, spinkle beads granulation process
2. Gold melting furnace is used to melt metal : platinum, palladium, rhodium, gold, silver, copper, steel, aluminum,     activated carbon gold gray, Sands, electrolysis mud, gold and silver powder, tin ash dross ect
operation conditions of gold smelting furnace
1.  single molten metal quantity: 1g to 100 kgs.
2.  single melting time: 2 minutes to 40 minutes
3. Maximum temperature:1500-2000 degrees.Advantage of  Gold melting furnace1. Adopts all-solid-state power conversion module Siemens IGBT technology.
2. full range of protection features such as: over-current, water shortages, overheating, over-voltage, short circuit, lack of protection, greatly improving the reliability of the equipment and convenient equipment maintenance.
3. Portable, Small, space-saving,light weight,easy to move.
4. No need debug, After connectting through electrical&water can be used.
5. Easy operation, suitable for factory, family, institute & Laboratory smelting experiments
6. melt various kinds of metals.
7. 24 hours continuous smelting capacity.


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